About Vision Research Corporation

Vision Research Corporation’s main focus is the early detection of eye problems in children. Lots of children. VRC has screened over 6,000,000 children for eye problems in schools and childcare centers across the country. Its screening programs range in size from hundreds of children to well over a hundred thousand children. Its extensive experience with these mass screenings includes full statewide vision screening programs in several states.

In addition to handling everything from program design, scheduling, management and implementation through full results reporting, these programs provide consistent and assured performance.

All of VRC’s programs use highly efficient screening systems based on photorefraction and originally developed by NASA. VRC is the only comprehensive single-source provider of such large-scale eye screening programs.


Vision Research Corporation has screened over 6 million children through approximately 60,000 in-school screenings.



10% of children screened show indications of vision problems significant enough to be referred for examination by an eye doctor.



2-4% of children screened show indications of problems that could lead to permanent vision impairment if not treated.