Kid's Stories


Even children with serious vision problems rarely complain because the way they see is normal to them. Javon is one of those children. Both of Javon’s parents wear glasses, but  Javon never mentioned any problem seeing, so neither of them suspected anything. The vision screening at his school, however, indicated that Javon was nearsighted in Continue Reading


Emily is an active child who loves the outdoors.  She enjoys jumping on her trampoline, swimming, and playing in mud puddles.  However, Emily was having problems completing her class work and homework assignments. She would always squint and blink her eyes a lot. Her teacher sent notes home saying she needed to practice coloring inside Continue Reading


Paris is a very outgoing and active little girl. She loves to dance, read and make people laugh. She often complained of headaches, but her mother did not suspect they might be related to her vision. Paris’s screening indicated that her left eye was farsighted, while her right eye appeared normal. This difference in the Continue Reading


Thomas’s older sister and parents all wear glasses, but his family had no idea he might have a vision problem as well. The screening results from school indicated there was a difference in the focusing power of the two eyes, with the left eye significantly more farsighted than the right.  A difference such as this Continue Reading


Breindon is just one of the thousands of children identified by the Alabama Eye Screening Program this year as having indications of a serious vision problem. His mother noted, “We knew that something was wrong, but we were unable to pinpoint the problem until the vision screening.” She went on to say,  “We thought Breindon Continue Reading


Julia is a very outgoing little girl.  She likes to draw and color, and she also enjoys reading books. After the eye screening at Julia’s school, it was recommended that she be seen by an eye doctor.  Julia’s mother was surprised because she had no idea her daughter had a vision problem. The results from Continue Reading


Mackenzie participated in this year’s Alabama Eye Screening Program at her school. The results indicated that she was nearsighted. Mackenzie has always been a very active little girl who enjoys playing outside. She has always done fairly well in school, so there was no reason to suspect she had any vision problems. However, when Mackenzie Continue Reading


Mason was doing very well in school and had never complained about not being able to see well.  His family had no history of vision problems, so his parents never suspected he might have any trouble seeing well. As a result, everyone was surprised when the results came back from Mason’s vision screening.  The screening Continue Reading


In young children, vision problems can often be hard to detect.  What may seem to be a behavioral problem or learning disability can actually be a problem with the child’s eyesight.  Such is the case with Malaki Ulmer, whose teacher had commented to his mother that he might possibly have ADD.  However, when Malaki’s vision Continue Reading


Often, a child can have a serious vision problem without vocalizing any complaints. The goal of school vision screenings is to detect these vision problems at an early age before they have a chance to develop and pose a threat to the child’s lifelong eyesight. Matti Lann is one of these children; thankfully, her hyperopia Continue Reading


Vision problems are often difficult to detect in young children.  The child often uses the better eye to compensate, and since the child has never seen the world any differently he or she does not complain.  Undetected problems are very serious; if the problem goes on too long without treatment it can lead to lifelong Continue Reading

Nolan & Samuel

Meet Nolan and Samuel, two very close twin brothers. They spend a lot of time together riding bikes, fishing, swimming, and just playing outside. They also love visiting with their grandparents and playing with friends. Until the vision screening results from school were sent home, their mother had no idea there was a problem with Continue Reading