There was no history of vision problems in Bailey’s family. Needless to say, when the
results from the school vision screening were sent home, it was a big surprise, especially since she had had a preschool screening prior to starting school this year.

At the eye doctor’s office, the screening results were confirmed and glasses were prescribed for Bailey’s farsightedness.

When a child is farsighted, objects at a distance are much clearer than those up close. So, as you can imagine, learning to read can be difficult or frustrating for a child. Early
detection of such vision problems helps to ensure children get off to a good start in their education.

Prior to the screening, Bailey was experiencing almost dyslexic-type tendencies but once she received her new glasses, her mom reports she made a complete turn-around with her schoolwork. She is now a straight “A” student. Bailey enjoys school very much and especially loves math, reading, and doing artwork.

Bailey’s screening image indicated hyperopia (farsightedness).