Emily is an active child who loves the outdoors.  She enjoys jumping on her trampoline, swimming, and playing in mud puddles.  However, Emily was having problems completing her class work and homework assignments. She would always squint and blink her eyes a lot. Her teacher sent notes home saying she needed to practice coloring inside the lines more.

Emily’s mom had no idea her daughter was having trouble seeing. She assumed Emily’s vision was fine since there were no apparent vision problems in the family. Her grandparents wore glasses but that was due to age.

Emily took part in the vision screening at school, and the results indicated she was farsighted. With farsightedness, distant vision is in focus, but near vision is out of focus.

Emily was taken to an eye doctor for a complete examination. In addition to the screening indications, Emily was found to have Brown’s Syndrome, which affects the movement of the eye. The doctor prescribed glasses and patching to correct the problem.

Once Emily started wearing her glasses, she would exclaim, “Everything looks so big!” Emily’s artwork has drastically improved too, which thrills her.

Her mother mentioned that three years ago this screening program had found a similar problem in Emily’s older sister.  Mom is very grateful for the vision screening program and the in-depth results it provides.

Emily’s screening image.