Even children with serious vision problems rarely complain because the way they see is normal to them. Javon is one of those children. Both of Javon’s parents wear glasses, but  Javon never mentioned any problem seeing, so neither of them suspected anything. The vision screening at his school, however, indicated that Javon was nearsighted in one eye and normal in the other.  Problems such as this can lead to permanent vision impairment if not detected and corrected at an early age.  One of the goals of the school vision screening program is to identify children with these types of problems and refer them to an eye doctor for full examination, diagnosis and treatment. Javon’s eye doctor gave him a complete vision exam and confirmed the findings from the school screening. Glasses were prescribed, with instructions to wear them at all times. When Javon received his new glasses, his mother recalls him exclaiming, “I can see better!” Before getting glasses, Javon would often get discouraged in school and would sometimes not participate in classroom activities.  With his glasses and improved vision though, Javon has become more confident with his reading and his class participation.  Outside of school, Javon enjoys playing outdoors and riding his bike. He used to have occasional accidents running into objects with his bicycle, but good vision seems to have also cleared up that problem.  It has also made his mom a lot more comfortable when Javon is out riding.

Javon’s screening image.