After the vision screening at school, Nicholas’ parents learned he had a possible vision
problem. His mom immediately scheduled a follow-up appointment with an eye doctor.
After a full examination, the doctor confirmed that Nicholas needed his vision corrected and glasses were prescribed. His teacher had noted that Nicholas had been having difficulty with board work, but after returning to school with his new glasses, there was a big improvement. His teacher has been very pleased with how well Nicholas has done with his classwork.
Nicholas loves playing baseball and is an outfielder. Before receiving his glasses, he had a difficult time keeping up with everything going on during each play. Now with his glasses, he is playing very well and enjoys the game much more. Nicholas also enjoys
reading and riding his bike.

Note from Nicholas’ mom: “Thank you for sharing Nicholas’ story. I pray that you guys continue to receive the funding and support you need to continue this program. I can’t imagine seeing the world through Nic’s eyes before Vision Research detected his problem. Thank you!”

Nicholas’ screening image indicated astigmatism.