Paris is a very outgoing and active little girl. She loves to dance, read and make people laugh. She often complained of headaches, but her mother did not suspect they might be related to her vision.

Paris’s screening indicated that her left eye was farsighted, while her right eye appeared normal. This difference in the two eyes is known as anisometropia, and it can indicate or lead to amblyopia.

A vision problem in just one eye is often difficult to detect. Children with this condition typically see well with the stronger eye.  Since they’ve never seen the world any differently, it seems completely normal to them. Undetected, though, problems such as this can be serious. If the problem continues for too long without treatment, it can lead to lifelong vision impairment.

Paris’s mom took her to see an eye doctor for an examination. The screening results were confirmed and glasses were prescribed.

Paris is doing very well with her new glasses. Her schoolwork has improved, and she has stopped complaining of headaches – a huge relief, her mom reports.

 “I’m so glad you came to the school and did this screening!” — Paris’s mom

Paris’s screening image.